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Right and Permission

Art Fact India handles all features of the text, image, and rich media content R&P. Choosing one form to display all the rights and permissions duties entails gaining a special body. So, we construct a team of project directors, evaluation specialists, data entry staff, photo researchers, and permissions authorities to strengthen the management of Right & Permission in your system.

Copyright promotes all original interests by giving the valuable marketplace of thoughts accessible to wider viewers. Active rights and permissions management help author content while maximizing the publisher’s resources. We help you in this because we are an editorial professional with enough right and permission expertise to be an IP administrator while being an experienced digital-image photo researcher and database administrator. That's why we allow R&P as a service for businessmen.

Art Fact India gives dedicated onshore and the offshore team who allow analytical thinking and review of permissions to recognize sourcing policies that lower prices and keep production cycles. We provide adequate rights and permissions management which benefit on the rights of the law’s three levels: good use; public domain and open passage; and permissions.

When you require using a product that is in copyright, you need to acquire permission from every copyright owner. Some products have different rights assigned to them and each power may have more than one master so you may require getting permission from them all. Our rights and permissions resources have extensive expertise with writing permissions, photo research and permitting, image sourcing, stock companies, royalty-free asset references and approval plans for both print and digital content.

We bestow our services in:

• Text permission Acquisition

• Image permission acquisition

• Text scrub

• Image management

• Research for royalty-free, cost-effective and creative images

• Text assessment/ survey

• Plagiarism check

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