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Book Design

Our book design experts enjoy twisting your words into the impressive design. We are award-winning book designers with enthusiasm for beautifully produced books. From storybook designs to ingenious cartoons, you can create the wonderful imagery that will attract your readers more into your book. Concentrating in illustrated and photography book design, we have over a decade of practice in composing covers and interiors for written and self-published authors.

From idea to completion, Art Fact India services offer excellent and pleasant professional book cover design and sheet layout. We also present design support to make your book look alluring and attractive enough to call readers. We'd never skip the interior of your book. We’ve curated a unit of our skillful book designers to deliver you custom typesetting and interiors. No matter if you've prepared a novel, a self-help book, or something more special, we will work according to the needs.

We will create the book to the delicate size that you need using the fonts that you would prefer. Originally, we will bestow you an example proof of the preceding pages which will insert page count and running heads. You can then make judgments and adjustments to this original design to make sure the rest of the book is looking at how you want. We can also consider or combine any illustrations, letters drawings or designs that you want.

Every book design is essential to us so we work jointly with you to customize each design to meet your particular needs and fans. Whether you are looking for a cover or entire book layout, we present you with a variety of custom cover and layout designs to pick from in order to obtain an engaging design that is best for you and your book.

Art Fact India is an active team of experienced professionals with over a decade of expertise in preserving authors. With knowledge in all phases of eBook publishing, we place the client at the center of our assistance delivery. With a firm belief that the resolution is our purpose, we try to give end-to-end help.

We serve industry standards when creating your book to make sure your book data are correctly formatted and handy for the press. We can run directly with your printer to secure all folders adhere to their guidelines.

We specialize in all viewpoints of book design and production including:

• Cover Map

• Inner Page Design

• eBook Formatting

• Editorial Assistance

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